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I’m thankful

Feedback button on EVERY page please.

So... say I want to give a suggestion to the programmers. How do I do that? Well, on the temple page there is no link anywhere. Nor is there on the tree pages. However, on some pages, such as the person page, there is a feedback link at the bottom.

The contact us link under get help is wonderful for immediate questions and actually getting help, but it, also, does not have a feedback link.

If you really want suggestions for improvements or reports of problems having a feedback link prominently displayed on every page would be nice.

I realize that there was a prominent link on the right side of some pages in the recent past, but that has disappeared. Is that by plan? Is the plan to slow down the feedback because you already have enough on your plate(s)?

Anyway, THANKS for all the hard work by so many! This is a great website.

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