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I’m Disappointed, frustrated, perplexed

Feedback Has Become Convoluted And 3 Other Comments

Yesterday I sent feedback about the Library Catalog. Where did it go? Off into cyberspace? It is not showing up here. So here it is again:
#1 I still don't see "view related places" in the beta Library Catalog. We were promised several months ago that the beta Library Catalog would not be launched in place of the present catalog until all features we need are there. Was this an empty promise? This feedback thing has taken on a life of its own and become a convoluted mess.
#2 I still don't know where or IF Historical Books will be on beta Will they??
#3 Someone recently posted a comment I agree with wholeheartedly. The beta site looks so similar to its not funny. That site insults my intelligent as it assumes I don't know what database I want to look at. The results are dumped in a big pot and overwhelms me with so many results I get mind boggled. Please don't insult us as has. We have to work around their "new and improved" theories, but please ------ not
#4 I know, I wil get an answer that I should list these things independently. But you know what? I don't have time to do that so if you can't be a multitasker and read them independently I am sorry.
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