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Film Numbers & descriptions not aligning with event date.

On a worrying number of occasions when the film number of an entry is checked against the FHL Catalogue - the Catalogue entry shows a date range that does not fit the date of the event.
The attached example is only one of (seems like) many I have come across (two images).
Can the film numbers on the record be relied upon? Particularly as we have to pay a not insignificant amount to order the film for viewing.
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    The heading is correct but the film number is not.

    You would need to get film # 919754 - Marriages, 1850-1855 FHL BRITISH Film 919754 that is listed above.

    We acknowledge the errors and apologize for the inaccuracy of information shown.

    It is good to double check the film number to be sure that it is what you want to order at any time of ordering a film.
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