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FOR Print Caution

I took the opportunity to use the new option to print my own Temple FOR cards. (NICE feature)

The printed form shows a 'caution' ensure that the card is the right size. My experience indicates it might be better to caution to check that the bar code is intact. My cutting was the right SIZE, but, regrettably, I sliced part of two bar codes requiring a manual data entry at the temple upon ordinance completion. (BTW, the bar code works unless cut 'lengthwise' - a half 'depth' code still works)

Second problem, I printed two sets of sealings a couple days apart. One person's sealing to parents printed TWICE - same person number, same parents - no indication of any errors in the individual or parents (same on both cards.)

The bar code numbers were slightly different (4-5003-9066-8147-216 & 4-5003-9066-8141-584). Therefore, the ordinance was done twice, but I only had one recorded when I noticed the duplication.
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