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Getting better search results

I finally realized that I could put more than just the state in the location block. I'm a little slow.
Once I used Grafton, New Hampshire to search for my Moffetts I received much better results. Then later I entered the town too and the results were really narrowed down.
I don't know why it took me so long. I've been able to fill in tons of information in the last two days.
  • Thank you for your feedback! We are glad it is working for you. Learning how to search and which filters work better can be a bit challenging at first but well worth it. You can also filter your search more by using life events as you see, and you can filter those down even more. Another example is if a collection says under places, "Canada, United States, Mexico", you can click on the one you need to narrow it down to one of the three. Then you can click on that place to bring up states... and so forth.

    Thanks again for your feedback. It may help others in their searches also.
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