Getting Started: Tagging Different People with the Same Name

Sometimes in our families, we have multiple people with the same name. You can either add something to each name (like birth-death years) or create unique tags and use the portrait picture to determine which person the tag is for.

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating a new tag for a new person that uses the same name as one of your existing tags.

Here's a family portrait. The father is William Hamilton Ballard. For this article, we will pretend that one of his sons is also named William Hamilton Ballard.

Here's our starting family photo with the father, William Hamilton Ballard tagged and we have started to tag his son and want to use the same name.

We start typing "Wi" and we see the suggestion that includes "William Hamilton Ballard" We see the portrait by the name in the pick list and know that this William Hamilton Ballard is the father. We need a different tag for the son.

Here's a screenshot:

Since we don't want to use the existing tag, we keep typing the name until we have entered the whole name. Here's the screenshot:

To create a new tag with this name, click "Add New Person" The screen now looks like this:

To add the new tag you can either press the Enter key or click the "Add Tag" button. Either way a new tag is created along with a new portrait and a new entry for the "People" page. When we refresh the photo page, you can see that there are now two different tagged people with different portraits for the two William Hamilton Ballards in the photo:

Here's the photo page after the refresh: