Getting Started: Resizing, Repositioning, and Deleting Tags

Once you start tagging photos, you may find that you need to resize, reposition, or delete a tag. (You may want to change a tag name, but for now, that is not possible. Just delete the tag and add a new one.)

From the photos view page, you can change the size or position of tag on a photo.

Here's a photo where the tag and portrait for Irene Howard is a closeup of her face. We want to resize and move the tag so that it frames here face better.

Here's the photo and tag we are starting with.

When you click on a name on the "People in this Photo" list, a new menu slides out from the name with the options of Photos, Edit Tag, and Remove Tag. The Photos option takes you to this person's page where you can link him to the tree. The Remove Tag removes the tag from the photo. The Edit Tag option allows you to resize and move the tag.

Here's a screenshot of a photo where the name, "Irene Howard" in the "People in this Photos" list has been clicked. Notice where the tag is placed and notice the options that appear below her name.

You can click "Remove Tag" to remove the tag from this photo. If the tag is used in another photo, the tag itself will not be deleted. If the tag is not used any where else, the tag itself will be deleted and removed from your pick list when you tag. But we don't want to remove this tag, we just want to resize it and move it.

Click "Edit Tag" to put the tag in edit mode.

You can resize the tagging circle by using the mouse to drag one of the small white squares in the corners either in or out to make the circle smaller or larger. (The cursor turns into a small diagonal line with arrow heads on both ends.)

Here's a screenshot after the tag has been resized, but not repositioned.

You can also move the mouse inside the circle (notice the cursor changes to cross-arrows) and drag the whole circle to a new position.

Here's a screenshot after the tag has been dragged to a new position:

Now that the tag is where you want it. Click "Save"

Since this tag was the basis for a portrait photo, the portrait photo is changed too. If you refresh the page, you will see the new portrait picture in the "People in this Photo" list. It will also change on the "People" page.

Here's a screenshot after the refresh. Notice how the portrait photo for Irene Howard has changed.