Getting Started: Tagging People in Photos

WARNING: These instructions are a little out of date. Most of the instructions are still current, however, the "+Add Tag" field no longer exists. Just select the name you want to use, or enter a new one instead of using "+AddTag"

Since you are just getting started, I will assume you have figured out how to upload a photo, but haven't tagged people in the photo yet.

You want to tag the people in your photos and link them to the FamilyTree so they will be visible in the Photos tab in FamilyTree. (If you have access to Photos, you also have access to the Photos tab in family tree. For more info about the Photos tab in FamilyTree, check out this FAQ: Where do I see my photos in FamilyTree? (

To get started tagging people, click "All Photos" at the top of the page, then click the thumbnail of the photo you want to tag. Even if the photo only has one person in it, you still need to tag it to link it to FamilyTree.

When you click the thumbnail, the photo will be displayed on a page where you can add tags and a title to your photo. To add a tag, click on a face in the photo. A tagging circle will pop up.

Here's a screenshot of a photo with a tagging circle. Notice that in this photo we have already tagged some people and their names appear on the right in the "People in this Photo" list.

At this point, you can move and resize the circle to fit the face in the photo. To move the circle, place the cursor inside the circle and drag. To resize the circle, place the mouse over one of the corner squares and drag in or out to make the circle smaller or larger.(For more details on resizing, reposition, and deleting tags, see this Getting Started post

Type the name of the person into the edit box.

In this example, since we have already tagged people, as we type, the system suggests possible matches from our people. We want to add "Mary Cropper" and type "M" Here's a screenshot, showing the possible matches from our People list:

"Mary Cropper" is not in the list and we continue typing. The suggestions go away and the screen looks like this:

At this point you can click "Add New Person" or just press the Enter key. Either way, the "Add New Person" option goes away and the "Add Tag" option is left.

Here's how the screen looks now:

At this point, you have the name in the top field, and "Add Tag" in the bottom field. To add the tag you can either click "Add Tag" or press the Enter key.

The tagged name will appear in the "People in this Photo" list. Here's a screenshot:

Since this is the first time you have tagged this person, the system will create a portrait photo for him from the tagged circle you just created. The portrait and name will appear on your "People" page which serves as a directory to your tagged people.

Here's a screenshot of the "People" page, showing you the people you have tagged, listing the ones that need to be linked to the tree at the top of the list. (For more info on linking to the FamilyTree, see Getting Started: Linking a Tagged Person To FamilyTree (

You can also refresh the photo view page to get the portrait to display alongside the name in the "People in this Photo" list. Here's a screenshot after refreshing the page to get the new portrait to display in the "People in this Photo" list:

Tag other people in the photo the same way.

As you tag other photos, the names you have already used will be in your pick list. You will want to tag your ancestor in each photo he appears in. Be sure to select his name from the pick list to use the same tagged person and portrait.

Here are steps and screenshots showing how to select an existing person for a tag. Here's another photo of Mary Cropper and we want to tag this photo using the tag we just created. We display the photo, click on the face, adjust the tagging circle, and type "M" in the edit box. A list of suggestions from our "People" list shows up.

We can select "Mary Cropper" from the list or we can continue to type her name. Here's how the screen looks as we continue to type her name. When we have entered "Mar" the list looks like this:

Notice the suggestions now include Martha Cropper and Mary Cropper. We continue typing "Mary" and the list looks like this:

At this point, we can either press the Enter key and the highlighted name will be selected, or click "Mary Cropper" in the list.

Either way, the screen will now look like this:

At this point, you can either press the Enter key or click "Add Tag" and "Mary Cropper" is tagged in this photo. No portrait is added to the "People" page. Notice in the "People in this Photo" list the Mary Cropper is listed with the portrait created from the first tag.

Right now, we do not have a way to change the tagged name. We are working on it, but it is not available yet. So for now, if you want to change the tagged name, delete the tag and add a new one.

If you have people with the same name and need to have separate tags for each of them, see this Getting Started on Tagging Different People with the Same Name.

Now that you have tagged people in your photo, they are ready to link to the FamilyTree.

You can start linking by clicking the name from the "People in this Photo" list or you can select a person from the "People" page. See Getting Started: Linking a Tagged Person To FamilyTree (