Getting Started: Upload a Photo

WARNING: These instructions are a bit out-of-date. Instead of "All Photos" you will see "PHOTOS"

An update to these instructions is coming.

To upload a family photo, start with the "All Photos" item at the top of the FamilySearch Photos home page.

Here's a screenshot with the "All Photos" item marked with red:

When you click "All Photos" it will show a small picture of each photo you have uploaded. Since you are just getting started and have not uploaded any photos, your "All Photos" page will look like this:

The big green plus sign is begging you to add a photo. Click on the big green plus sign.

Here's a screenshot after you click the plus sign:

At this point there are two methods to add photos you can drag and drop or click. I'm just going to talk about the click method.

If you click inside the dashed circle, a file selection dialog box will popup. You can navigate to the photos you want to upload and select them.

Here's a screenshot with the file selection dialog box.

You can use CTRL + click to select multiple files (if you're not using Internet Explorer, if you're using Internet Explorer you can only select one file).

When you have selected your file(s), click the "Open" button and the upload will start.

Here's a screenshot with two files being uploaded:

The blue bar moves to show the progress. When the upload is complete the screen looks lke this:

Now you want to see your photos and tag them. Click on the "All Photos" item at the top of the page and your "All Photos" page will now look like this:

Congratulations! You can now upload photos with FamilySearch Photos.

The big red exclamation mark on your photo is telling you that you haven't tagged anyone in the photo, yet. Click on the photo to view the photo and tag the people in it.
  • Define or instruct what it means to "tag."

    Yes, I now know, but I wasn't sure when I started using this exciting new feature in FamilySearch. I had never used a tag feature before in any program. Because the feature lacks instruction, I made some early, serious mistakes with tags. I have discovered that although you can delete an erroneous tag from a specific photo, the badly written tag remains in the what I call the master tag file. So, the bad tag reappears every time one types the same or a similar name of the individual. Thus, it is important for users to know what a tag is, what it means to tag the individuals in a photo, and what a correct tag looks like. It is critically important to know that once you submit a tag, one currently cannot edit or delete it. This needs clear instruction and warning.

    Also, it is critical for people to know that currently the first time you tag an individual, that image is the default image that will be associated with the person once the photos appear in FamilySearch. So, we need to be very careful about which image of an individual we first tag. This also needs clear instruction.

    I have discovered these only by trial and error. I wish I could delete my errors. Perhaps that will be allowed in the future.
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  • I have been creating Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) and Getting Started in response to questions that keep recurring.

    You have certainly picked up the right ideas about tagging and creating portraits.

    I created a couple of new ones dealing with tagging to address some of your issues. I still need to write another one dealing with the "Portrait" image -- you can change it if you don't like the default portrait (go to the person page by clicking a tagged name, and click the silhoutte icon for the photo you want to use for the portrait)

    Here's a list of the posts I have created if you are interested.

    FAQ: Where do I see my photos in FamilyTree? (

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