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Help Center location and Visual website appearance

Suggestions for Help Center location and Visual website appearance:

It has been noted by many people I have worked with as a Ward Consultant and as a FamilySearch missionary that the new Help Center is hard to find. Many initially assume the small “Help” link by the “Sign In” name is help for only Sign In problems. I also made the same mistake . It would help if it were more visible, such as a tab link like Historical Records, Family Trees and Library Catalog. It would also help if it were labeled “Help Center”. I initially looked for it under the “Learn” link.

We also could use the “Research Helps” Tab that includes the old “Articles” and “Guidance” from the old site. These “Articles”( in alphabetical order ) are extremely important to patron research and need to be easier to find. They could be added to Learning Resources as a link.

It is common knowledge that we are serving a large percentage of older patrons. The Calibri size 11 font is too small. Arial 11-14 & New Times Roman 12-14 with some bolded Tabs & Links, are much easier to read.

Another improvement would be to create greater color print contrast. One sister commented that the colors are washed out. I agree. A very light colored background is easier for many people to read than white; however, a dark navy and black font colors are important for the general fonts. Grey and light blue font colors are extremely hard to read.
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