I’m frustrated

Viewing documents is a bad experience

I appreciate that the Help Center is under development and that there are known issues which have been previously identified and reported but there are many non functioning knowledge documents which lack illustration in the beta version.
We know from feedback that many users of online records wish to adjust the font size and have difficulty with the colour options chosen. The current beta site display is retrograde in this respect when compared to the knowledge document display elsewhere.
Knowledge Documents like KD 106641 lack illustration,KD 109375 has lost all meaning and relevance since the type omits the crucial detail that M' appears in the original and there are many other instances of documents which simply fail.
Given the number of users now involved in beta can we have some statement of intent to remedy the features to enable adjustment of the font size available in other knowledge documents outside the beta test and change the presentation from present colour scheme to a bolder one to assist us all and assist people with visual problems.
I appreciate that work is under way in the coming weeks to produce a full Help Centre but feel that the present version fails to deliver available knowledge to assist users.
Locating knowledge documents relating to specific record collections produces many documents from other areas of familysearch like Family History centres, and other products which are hiding the 4 relevant documents in the search.
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  • I looked at those help docs you listed. They look pretty bad, and the font is extremely small as you mentioned.

    We were actually trying a new technique for displaying documents. It is temporary, and we'll be going back to the "old" method of displaying the documents in a frame until we can have more time to look at a better way of manipulating the text of the documents. In other words, the documents will look as they do in Help Center from new.familysearch.org today.

    On a side note. You can always increase or decrease the font size of a web page by holding down cntrl and rolling your mouse wheel forwards or backwards.

    Thanks for your input though, and thanks for checking out Help Center!
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