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Help the research of the visually impared.

A patron called and she was in tears. She has contacted you before. She is losing her eyesight and can't see the lettering in FamilySearch because it is gray. She expressed her concern that she is not the only one that has eye problems and is trying to work with Family Search. When others that I know have this problem the size of the letters need to be changed (the font changed), the letters made bold and black. Although the format is attractive, can something be done about this. Maybe instructions of how to change it for the visually impared? It would help us old folks to continue with the research on FamilySearch. I don't know if something could be added to the site that someone could click on to change the fonts size and color?
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  • I think the community ought to be able to solve this pretty easily. Just use firefox as your browser. Get the "Stylish" addon, and then go to Click on the Stylish icon in the bottom right of the browser and do "Find styles for this site". There already exist 2, and it doesn't take too much effort to change them, or to make a new one. I added one that makes the links darker and bigger. But to be honest I don't know any blind people I can try it out on and my Grandma lives too far away.
    Anyway, the stylish code is basically css, which you can learn in a couple hours (at least enough to create or tweak an existing style)
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