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Hinting in Tree Views Requires Three Clicks, Not One

For the past few weeks, when I click on a blue Hinting icon on any tree view, the hint does not display. First, the system displays "Record HInts" and the person's name. Then, I click on the blue Hinting icon again and that display goes away. Finally, when I click on the blue Hinting icon a third time, the hint(s) show up, as in the second image.

Is anyone else having this same FSFT malfunction?

Note that clicking on the blue Hinting icon on the Person's page works correctly in one click.

This seems to be the only function that requires three clicks to get the function that I used to get with one click.

I use Windows 10 with the Google Chrome browser.


I tried to test the Hinting function in Edge, but I couldn't get anything to work right in Edge, so I went back to Chrome.
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