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How to hide certain relatives or more importantly non-relatives from memories feed.

It would be nice to have a way to "hide" certain people and their memories from loading on the home page. In my case the first husband of my actual relative has a large posterity that is filling up my homepage memories. More specifically, my great grandmother's marriage to this particular individual was annulled and she then married my actual great grandfather. Since the other line's posterity is very large and active online it fills my memories feed up on the homepage and memories more relevant to me are buried.
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  • Welcome to the community support forum for FamilySearch. FamilySearch personnel read every discussion thread and may or may not respond as their time permits. We patrons, having various levels of knowledge and experience do our best to help each other with concerns, issues. and/or questions.

    The present "home" or "landing" page is, along with the majority of the site, undergoing development to take advantage of the latest technology to help facilitate loading times and system stability.

    Many of us want the "memories" display (which takes time to load, especially with slower systems) to be collapsible and have repeatedly asked for that to be implemented. It is likely, because the memories are loaded individually, that putting the entire set in its own pane (a dedicated section of the display) would take a lot more programming that FS is willing to expend, especially when the page itself is slated to be reworked.

    What features will be available for the new design is not known at this time, but the last time I looked at the beta site, there were no memories displayed, which is more than fine with me.
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