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I’m confused

How do I find other bps with the same parents?

I found a baptism record for Michael Collen, bp. 1757 Wisbech Cambs, parents Michael and Ann. I wanted to see the other kids they had, so I put in 1757 +/-20 England, father Michael, mother Ann. This came up with thousands of results all around the world, most of which had parents with different names, so I put 'exact' around the info and it said there were no results, not even the original record I had found. Help?

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  • I found the record for Michael also. We do have a new look to the home search page with other ways to search that might help you find out if there were any other children. On the page for him, there is a batch number of C01870-2 that you might search through for other relatives. Also, if you would like some help researching his family, you can contact FamilySearch directly and ask for some research help when it is on one person or family and often they can help or give you some guidance with the search.

    You can reach FamilySearch by clicking on the word "Help" at the top right of any page, scroll down to the blue highlighted options on the left and click on "Contact FamilySearch". There you will find email, phone and chat options. Phone or chat might be best for this as they can work with you while you are both on the site.
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