I’m frustrated

i hate this beata

i hate it !its reminds me of that awalful monstrosity, much hated and complained about white elephant that passes it self of as 'new search on ancestry', the pilot search curently avalible on familysearch is easy to use clear delivers what you ask for by using very simple dropdown filters therefore far out shines this version, ancestry has proved that this format is far to complicated to get the results you want easily so much so they have had to give on line lessons on how to use it to get the results down to manageble numbers. fair enoth the pilot does not have the capability of picking up the submitted trees but mosy people would either prefer to look for historical records only and if wanted move to a seprate area to search for submited trees or at least be able to say from the start no trees please. tinkering around with this beata version and progressing any further will be a huge mistake. if you want to have an search engine that picks up both historical and submited data then incorperate it in to an engine simlar to the pilot search where the user can filter out by tab drop down clearly and easily. and the only problem i find with 'pilot search' is the fact that the record display area once you look at a result needs to be larger and more refined other wise thumbs up to 'pilot search' and a big echoing scream of frustration while we pull our hair out NO to this ancestry new search clone. the powers that be should look at the comments on ancestry.com/blogg and the ancestry.com message boards re the new search befoe going any further with this mutated clone
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