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I like features of the former library catalog.

I really like the feature in the classic family history library catalog whereby you can view "related places" and it will show you the cities in a county, etc. It will also take you to the changed place name...for instance, in the old catalog I can type in "Little Cottonwood, Utah" and it will take me to "Utah, Salt Lake, Union" which was formerly Little Cottonwood.
The NEW library catalog finds nothing if I type in "Little Cottonwood, Utah". It would be great to incorporate these features in the new site.
Also, it seems like the link to the former "" site is no longer on the home page of the new site.
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  • The link "Use the previous version of" is at the bottom of but not on Very confusing but eventually it will all be one glorious website!
    Thank you for taking the time to share your idea for improving the FamilySearch website.The engineers will look at your suggestion. We appreciate your contribution and hope that you will continue to share your ideas with us
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