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IDEA: Private Note

A text field that only you could see that is meant to be seen quickly as a reference for the user only. Instead of writing notes on a napkin about progress and status of things, the user can use this private note feature. Preferably, this would be next to the quick view pop up box so that you can remember where you were the last time you logged in. For example, the user could type "called daughter on x date", "requested birth certificate from xcounty", "emailed John about x story", "need to follow up"...Its not meant for everyone to see but yourself when you log into your account. It would be great if there was an indicator like a asterisks that indicated a private note. Thank you and by the way I love this site!
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  • Welcome to the FamilySearch forum! Although I am not an employee, FamilySearch employees do read all of these topics and occasionally will respond.

    The "To-Do" List on the main landing page after you log into FamilySearch was intended to be used as such a tool. I have been getting by using it to do exactly what you have said (everything from "where was I?" to research notes).

    However, it is VERY wimpy in its current capabilities. Try using it for a while, and then if there is any specific capability that you might want added to it, add it to the "Useful Enhancements for the To-Do List" discussed in the following topic:
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