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I’m excited about my calling!

Involving the Youth in inviting less actives and new converts to do Family History

We are always trying to come up with innovative ways to involve Young Women and Young Men in Family History. We have started encouraging extending callings them to become Temple and Family History Consultants. With (an instant training program to get them off and running), to teaching them how to use the Consultant planner (, they can become a Ward Hero in 5 minutes as it shows them how to find instant successes, i.e., Temple Opportunities, Find a Grave records and Vital Records to attach to files, Memories of Pioneers and War Heroes to attach are easily pointed out to them for "click on me" instant access.

Their self esteem is increased as their success record exudes smiles on their audience. It's a blessing to see! So to complete the invitation, I created some cards to get them excited about coming in and experiencing Find, take and Teach. Here is a picture of what the Young Women could create to take to less actives and new converts.

When someone has a fan chart on their wall, those spirits, no doubt, reach out to them from beyond the veil and remind them that they are still there everytime the person walks by the chart.

I will scan these into a pdf and upload them to our blogs at and I hope these bring you joy and rallied interest in family history which will bring the Lord's work to Pass.
Blessings to all!
Br Ted and Sr Karen Meyer,
North America South West
Temple and Family History Consultants
Scottsdale Coordinating Council
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