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Italia, Napoli, Somma Vesuviana. Stato civile, 1750-1920 [CATALOG AVAILABLE PLEASE!]

I would very much like to have the catalog called: Italia, Napoli, Somma Vesuviana available and published. Stato civile, 1750-1920 he was Digitized by FamilySearch International, 2018.

I need to do research on a family in this catalog and he hasn't had his microfilms available yet. That is why I ask that it be made available as soon as possible.

Your catalog is at this link:
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    When I viewed the catalog, I saw that each film had a DGS number, but that no symbol appeared in the Format column.

    My understanding is that the film has been digitized since it has a DGS number, but either there is a technical issue with the page or the owner of the records has refused permission for the digitized films to be placed online.

    You should contact the record owner, Somma Vesuviana (Napoli). Ufficio dello stato civile, and ask why they have refused permission for their records to be placed online at FamilySearch. The likely answer is that there is another website that has these records, and they have signed a contract giving that website exclusive rights to the records.
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