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Jan 26th 2012 Release Notes

Jan 26th 2012 Release Notes

Updated Tree Search Form
The new tree search form is similar to the form patrons are used to on the old site. Key features include:

• Search fields are organized in a family group relationship arrangement
• Adding a life event to a search uses the same controls as the historical records search form
• Patrons can choose to search both Ancestral File (AF) & Pedigree Resource File (PRF), or just one of them using a checkbox control
• Patrons can search by Submission number. Since these numbers are only present in the Pedigree Resource File, the AF checkbox will automatically grey out when a number is entered and the patron will be informed why that happened.
• Patrons can choose to search using an AF number. Because this uniquely identifies a single record, other search parameters are not needed and the search form is hidden. The user is presented with a single AF Number field.
• The page contains links to the FamilySearch Wiki articles about AF & PRF. These articles have been greatly enhanced to include valuable historical & research information about these data sets.

Gedcom Upload
Patrons can now upload their family history research in the form of a Gedcom on the new site.

• This feature is found immediately below the Tree Search form.
• Users will need to log in using their FamilySearch credentials prior to the upload.
• Uploaded Gedcoms will be processed and included in the PRF search database. Processing consists of filtering out living persons, foul language, any broken or damaged files and standardizing the data.
• The Gedcom upload on the old site will soon be shut down and patrons will be redirected to this feature on the new site.
• After the redirect happens all the Gedcoms that have been uploaded to the old site over the last year will be processed and added to the searchable PRF on the new site.

Family History Books
The Books search tab has changed and takes the patron to our new FamilySearch Books search.

• The books search now has a lot more data compared to what was previously available (40,000+ books)
• It now has an advanced search including Title, Author, Surname & Full Text Searching and the ability to filter results by material type, language and source archive.
• The results now have multiple facet types to help patrons explore the results set and allow sorting results by Relevance, Date, Popularity, Author and Title.

British Isles Top Level Region
We have created a top level region called "British Isles" that is viewable on the main page as well as in all results filters. Under this top level region a patron will find all the countries that pertain to this geographic location (Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Mann, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Etc)

USA, Canada, Mexico as Separate Entities
We have broken the previous "USA, Canada, Mexico" region apart as separate countries. This enables patrons to filter results down to the county level in each of these jurisdictions. It also simplifies the user experience removing an unnecessary choice and getting the user to a country level quicker. Learnings from this change may guide how we handle regions and countries in the future.

All Record Collections To Top
On the main page the Browse by Location "All Record Collections" link has moved to the top to increase visibility and accessibility of this most used link for those who wish to search a single collection.

Many Search Algorithm Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Robert Kehrer
sr product mgr, search technologies