I’m frustrated

Lack of browse hierarchy makes searching impossible!

There is a major problem with the library catalog as it has been transferred over. The browse hierarchy previously in place has been lost. As an example, if I search for "Lviv" in the Place search, it goes directly to every record that contains "Lviv" anywhere in the locality string. In this case, Lviv is not only a large city, but also a district and a province. This search brings up 1779 title records, and it is virtually impossible to navigate to the correct one.

In the old catalog, searching for Lviv would bring up an alphabetical list of localities, so it was easy navigate to the correct locality. From there, the patron would choose a subject (i.e., church records) and then choose the desired title record. Although it required more keystrokes, it was actually possible to find the desired record. Choosing between 6 places initially is certainly more user-friendly than choosing between 1779 records.
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