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I’m baffled

Less Scrolling - more results

Three Things that are needed
1. Recognize that the new monitors are shorter and wider - greatly limiting how many results can be viewed. The previous search gave results that were tightly packed vertically - this is needed with the new monitor shape. I help at an FHC and the patrons are discouraged at the amount of scrolling that is needed.
Two - since the results appear with their source information, the ability to 'click' on that information and then search for others of interest from the same source is needed. Irealize that one can go back to the browse function and then find the source and after going through several layers of qualifying screens, manage to do something similar to the old ability with batch numbers. But, patrons used the search by batch A LOT - Please make it possible to click on the batch number or film number in an entry to search that source for similar names or families. Since you produce the info as a source, you should be able to effect a search on that numbered source
Finally we need an easy way to download or print our search results tha doesn't include all the excess spacing (see one) Patrons really apprecated the ability to take their list of results away from the computer and check it against old family papers, etc.
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  • I’m supportive.
    This is a very clear statement of a major problem with the new website design - viewing results easily is important. Saving a list of results is also important, especially when they look promising but it's time to leave the FHC or go to bed.
    I would add (as I've done on other threads) that lists of results should be exportable so that they can be filtered and sorted - and (as you say) checked against existing knowledge. On your own system (paper or PC), an extra column can easily be added to hold comments, etc.
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