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Like the way FamilySearch is showing you have the same Census attached duplicate times to an ancestor.

This might not be a new function, but it is the first time for me where FamilySearch is showing me I had a census attached twice to the same ancestor.
  • If the URL is the same URL for both attachments, then it is a bug that needs to be resolved. I've listed it as a reply Each source of a given record should only be attached to a specific person's profile once. in the unresolved issues listing at

    One of the links in that reply should take you to where you can list the PID of the person... or get the instructions of how to clear the duplicate URL source.
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  • I guess I really need to create some kind of graphic to post here as this question with its accompanying confusion comes up frequently.

    Some clarifications:

    - You DO NOT attach a US Census as a "source" to a PID. What you are attaching is a Citation to an Index that was created from a specific Digital image that made from a specific photograph that was taken of a specific paper copy of the Census. The Index Citation is what is being attached as a "source".

    - The digital image that the index/citation was taken from USUALLY (but not always) is referenced via a link in the citation source's hint. That image link only exists as a CONVENIENCE for validating the indexed values being Cited.

    - It is not uncommon for the church to have rights to post the indexed data citations for everyone to use in their search and references, even though they DO NOT have the rights to provide general access to the images that the indexed data was taken from. The indexed data could very well be owned by a different group than the digitized images or original photographs.

    - Paper original sources (documents) may have been duplicated and physically exist in more than one place (like the Library of Congress).

    - Each of the multiple paper sources of the same document may have been photographed multiple times (i.e., by either the same or different organizations viz. Family Search or Ancestry, etc.). If a set of photographs that were released and used as sources were not very good quality, they may have been rephotographed to create better images.

    - Each of the multiple photos for each of the multiple paper copies of an original document may ALSO have multiple digital images created for them (i.e., if they were not originally photographed digitally). Again, the digital images may be owned by the same or different owners. There will be many-many paths from the original paper document to photo images, and from there to Digitized images. This is why each digitized image is classified as a DIFFERENT source even though the subject matter is the same.

    - Each photograph (or equivalent digital image) may have been Indexed MORE THAN ONCE. This is in addition to any other indexes that may have been created from other digital images of the original source document (or even PHYSICAL DUPLICATES of the original source document).

    - Each indexed data set is divided up into separate Citations (for each individual)

    So here is the kind of scenario you get:

    There are two digital photos were taken of the same census page. One much brighter than the other. These two photos are indexed in totally different places. The easier to read photo gets indexed data that is far more accurate. The harder to read photo gets indexed data that has more mistakes in it.

    For the same person in both indexes, you get a citation used as a hint. When you attach both of these hints to the person’s PID, they appear the same as they are referencing a similar looking digital image of the document. THESE ARE **NOT** DUPLICATES. They are totally different images (of the same document) that are owned by different entities and were created at different times. They are totally different indexed data sets as well (one for one image and the other for the other).

    As a Result, the Citations to each of the indexes that are attached to the person’s PID, are completely and totally unique, REGARDLESS of any similarities in the data that they contain. These is why when the system is working properly, all sources attached from hints will have DIFFERENT and UNIQUE URLs regardless of how similar their data or linked to images appear!

    This is a common occurrence due to all the work being done and the multiplicity of all the people trying to make money off of creating and selling genealogical information.

    If you find sources with the SAME URL attached to the same PID, this is a screwup due to a glitch (or caching issues) in the system. It is not supposed to happen, And when it does, the hint system goes flakey and starts giving you the same identical hint over and over. Although it does happen occasionally, it is the exception.

    Also, these are not really “Duplicates” at all, in fact it is just the same source being re-attached over and over again to the same person PID. Once any hint somehow gets attached 2 or more times to the same PID via system glitch or whatever, then the system wacks-out and keeps sending that same hint to the same PID. The only way to fix it (since the system itself appears to be incapabile of it) is to DETACH all sources with the same URL then do a refresh on the sources page. the hint will again show up, but this time when you attach it, duplicate hints will no longer be generated.

    Hope this long-winded explanation clarify’s things a bit!
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    • Yeah. I think the development teams are really interested in fixing most, if not all of the unresolved issues now that we are well into the new year.
    • As I said above, I no longer get the pop-up when I "Review Attachments," for this person but on his "Details" page you will see I have an 1850 Census Hint. I hit on the Hint, and then hit on "Attach," and it all comes up green, but hitting on "Return To Family Tree," I still have the same 1850 Census Hint, so it is doing as you stated above.

      There was a time, a year or two back, that there was a bug in the system which allowed multiple attachments of same URL census records. At that time the ancestor I was working on had 3 same URL censuses attached to her. What about other ancestors that I was working on and did not notice to clear up the mess.
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