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I’m very unhappy

Limiting Catalog Search to Online or a Famly History facility is not ready for prime time.

There are times when a new feature is introduced and it is nothing but a disaster.

The recent introduction of two radio buttons, which defaults to Online and offers only one other option -- Family History Center, completely ignores those cataloged entries that are part of the Family History Department collection, but neither online or available at a Family History Center.

Someone definitely has not through this one through.

While selecting Family History Center includes the Family History Library, I have to wonder if a better term should have been used, instead: All.

I looked at the options and immediately thought, oh, no, I cannot search the catalog like I could before.

This isn't rocket science, but some features must be intuitive and having just two options, neither of which is All leaves me looking elsewhere for what I want to find.

Just anyone actually ask people who are not in Salt Lake what works for them and what does not work for them?
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