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Link to Longest and Shortest Lines

Would be great to have a link to the line in a person's pedigree that goes the furthest into history, and also the one that is the shortest. Having taken a group of youth to a Family History Center, the most of them were immediately interested in seeing how far back in history they could find a connecting line. This could go a long way to capturing interest in the rising generation. A link for the shortest line might be helpful when a person is ready to start researching and needs a good starting place.
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  • lb (Official Rep) May 01, 2013 16:42
    I have seen the same thing when working with youth that you experienced, Jordan. Thus it would be a nice feature to have for the longest line, and your point is well taken for the shortest line as well. Please be assured that your suggestion has been viewed by the engineers who can do something about this. They monitor this site daily for suggestions to help improve patrons' experiences. Thank you for your interest.
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