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Location, County, Province, Country List

Hello everyone

Thank you for the best reearch engine. It really works great with Legacy.
I would like to raise a few issues that would improve immensely your program.
1- When entering names it should be in lower case except for the
initials. Also I believe that for french name the accent must be
retained. When there is a double last name like "Demers dit Dumais"
the baptize name should be retain and the double name in full should
be entered in the "Also known" section.
2-I was once asked why I was changing the dates to english. Well I was
working on the english version and I assume that I was doing it right.
I decided to switch to french and I notice that the translation was not
being done on either version. In english the dates should be 1
February 2018 and in french 1 février 2018 .
3-The location is getting out of hand. The first entry should be the city
or village, followed by the county, then the province, and the country;
as an example "Laval, Île-Jésus, Québec, Canada". There is a
tendency of mixing the church name with the city. I am sending you a
word attachment with most of the localities in Québec. I think that it
would be politically correct that it retain its accents in both langua-
ges. Also the abbreviation for the Saint is "St", Sainte is "Ste", Saints
is "Sts". I would recommend using the abbreviation. Also to simplify
the entry for Montréal county (Notre-Dame de Montreal, Île-de-
Montréal, Québec, Canada) the proper way to enter this example
would be Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada. Has you could see
Notre-Dame is the church name. I would recommend to eliminate
"Île-de-" in all of the counties for Montréal.
I have all of Canada done the same way as a word document. The beauty of it all is that you could sort alphabetically any column. If you sort the county column it groups all the location that area. If you need more information feel free to contact me. I am sorry I can't add the Word Document.

Thanking you in advance

Dan Dumais
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