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I’m estatic-I found my 4 great grandpa!

Love Those Images!

Beta Familysearch Product.
Wow! I just learned about indexing this spring and have been doing a little indexing all summer and even taught the girls up at girls camp this year. I went all the way back to Cincinnati to find the marriage record of Seth Wilson and Martha Matilda Gibbs. They were married there, supposedly. I checked every archive record at the university, recorders office, and genealogy society. Nothing. Then, in the quiet hour of 11 pm when the house was still, the spirit whispered, ", beta. No way! It was late but I checked. Within a few seconds of the search up popped my great 4 grandfather's marriage record. But, it wasn't in Cincinnati at all. It was in Lawrenceburgh, Dearborne, Indiana. I could have found that at home! Well, sometimes the spirit just has to work with what it has. Ha, ha. I would not have known to look in Lawrenceburgh if one of his son's death records which I had just found included the birth place of his mother--Lawrenceburgh--these records are only in the beta version. I then searched for marriage records in Indiana. Only the image contained that valuable piece of information. So THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INCLUDING THE IMAGE because it made all the difference in the world! My husband and I took care of the sealing several weeks ago. Sincerely, Verna Hazelbaker, Orangevale Ward, Citrus Heights Stake, California