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Make direct line visible from generation to generation

It would be helpful if our direct line was visible (indicated by some special marking - italicized. all caps, bold print, underlined etc.) as I get go out 5 or 6 generations, it is very difficult to retrace my steps. Which of the 10 - 12 children listed is my direct line.
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  • Welcome to the users' forum, Diana. We, fellow users, try to help where we can.

    Highlighting your 'branch' of the tree is an interesting concept.

    Doesn't your pedigree do that for you?

    That, the "Recents" tab and the 'relationship' viewer , should assist you in retracking your step (not to mention your browser 'back' button and history.)

    (An idle question, did you get to this forum from the 'feedback' prompt on a FamilySearch page? Did you have to add any more info to participate?)
    • Both pedigree charts and the fan chart can include five generations. The pedigree can extend further.

      In addition, you can print a pedigree or the fan chart that you can have next to your computer as you work. The Pedigree Chart is only a four generation chart, so I do not recommend it. Instead, look in the App Gallery (link at the bottom on this page) to see what kind of charts are available. Many of the sites and apps are free.

      I happen to use Ancestral Quest (US$30), which is a family tree management program that provides a lot of features missing in FamilySearch. It has the option of printing 4, 5, or 6 generations, and it can produce "cascading charts" which means it will print out the entire direct line pedigree.

      Hopefully, this will help.
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