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I’m frustrated

Make recent ideas/posts the default view here

It would be very helpful if the most recent ideas and posts with the most recent comments showed up by default (and for everyone—not just me). The reason for this is because hardly anyone responds to the new posts, but lots of people seem to see and respond to the super old, popular ones that probably don't even need it anymore. This seems to indicate that the new posts aren't being seen very much (not that the old posts have more potential). True, some of the new ideas just might not be catchy, but pretty much all the new posts are rolling around like tumbleweeds. (Yes, that's a reference to the tumbleweed badge on SE. StackExchange is a network of Q/A sites, which do coincidentally happen to list the most recent activity by default; if it didn't, nearly every user who asked a question would probably earn the tumbleweed badge on their first question.)

In other words, I'm just not confident that new ideas have a chance to become popular without some very serious effort at promotion. I had to look pretty far down the list to find a semi-popular idea under a year old (with most being much older). The same isn't true, for say, social network posts (which can explode overnight, practically). You'll note that you typically don't see your friends' popular-but-really-old posts first there (and for good reason: new posts wouldn't be seen, and it's the new posts that keep the site alive). This isn't a social network, but I still think the new posts and the new comments on old posts keep the site alive. We don't want to be looking at the same old popular ideas all the time, unless we just don't want people to express their ideas and be heard.

I know you can manually choose to view the recent posts.
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