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Map is great - Could it be made bigger?

I finally got around to viewing the new TimeLine(/Map) feature. It looks great, should be quite helpful and will likely relieve me of adding similar GoogleMap sources as I've done in the past.

May I suggest it would be better to have the ability to ENLARGE the map, by reducing the size of the 'banners' above (FamilySearch/Name/ menu links.) They currently use about 40% of the page.

Could a slide be placed on them similar to that being used for the separator between the Time Line column map? Or perhaps an option to make the map "full screen."

If I'm looking at the MAP, that's what I need to see - as large as poss ible.
(Also on the Detail task bar, above the map on the far right, are two up & down scroll arrows that don't seem to do much.)

There is a lot of empty white space on many other pages
WIN 7 & Chrome And/Or Firefox
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