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marriage info. NH misc. error

NH marriages 1720-1920 Jason Smith groom, Alsina E. Davis, bride born 1884 marriage date 04 Oct 1905 bride age 21, marriage index-misc. Nh?, My ancestor was born 05 Oct 1834 and died 05 Nov 1889 so marriage date is wrong. Yes she did marry Jason Smith, son Morrill Smith born in 1861 . Marriage date probably 1855-1860
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  • Dear Bruce Jordan,

    Thank you for using our site to ask your question about correcting the marriage date of Alsina Davis, We are so sorry that we are unable to make changes to the existing data during the beta (engineering and design) stage of FamilySearch, however, a feature is being engineered that will accept corrections / additions to the searchable index. When that feature is in place, both the original index and the correction to the index will be searchable.
    We hope we understood your question correctly, Please contact us if you have further concerns.
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