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Missing catalog info

If a film has more than one item, the catalog description no longer lists all the items on that film. Please change it back.
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  • I agree it is important to be able to see a list of all the items that are on a given microfilm.

    If you do a search on the microfilm number, or if you click on the microfilm number displayed in a catalogue entry, you will get a list of the catalogue entries that pertain to that microfilm number. You have to click on each of those entries to see the item numbers. I notice that when there are multiple items on a film that are part of the SAME catalogue entry, they may not be individually described (the display may say something like "items 2-4"), which I think is unfortunate. The way it's set up now, there doesn't seem to be a way to generate a list of the items on a particular film, in order and individually described. There is certainly enough room on the display to do that, and it would be very helpful to those of us who want to make efficient use of the microfilms. Do I recall correctly, that we used to be able to generate a printer-friendly list of exactly this information?

    The information we would like to see in the catalogue itself and on a detailed item list for the microfilms is (at least) what is on the header frame for each item, such as the title and author information, as well as the name of the repository where the document was photographed and the catalogue number from that repository, if present. The interesting details found on those header images are of little help to the researcher if they are only visible after we have ordered the microfilm for some other reason!
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