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I’m frustrated

Need Learning Center back as it was. Learning Center in Help takes us back to Help Center. Attached screen shot.

When I click on Help>Learning Center, I end up in Help Center.

The Help Center is not near as helpful or useful in finding help topics as the original Learning Center was.

Being able to BROWSE by TOPIC, beginning, intermediate, place such as Pennsylvania, language as it was before was far more helpful. It has worked very well for years as it was. Whether a person is a newby or advance user, it was perfect the way it was.

I have included a screen shot from one of my old training as reference. Please thing about restoring it to the original Learning Center, not Help Center
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  • It has been well over two years since the old Learning Center "went away" from FamilySearch. Something happened (I do not remember what) to the person who supported that system and as such, no one was in a position to pick up where he had left off.

    The only system that is currently out there (and approved for training) is The Family History Guide at It is well organized and while not ideal, it is current and includes the major user interface change that took place almost a year ago, which is something that badly out date the old Learning Center.
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  • If you click on Help/Help Center/Search
    you can then enter your Search wording. There are sub categories Articles, Lessons and Wiki.

    Clicking on Lessons, there was one which said " a month ago", although when you click through to it, there is no date I can see. However, this is an indication that there is content being added.

    Helping Others Get Started with Family History
    8b. Find: FamilySearch Catalog Place Search

    Perhaps the Search in the first line of this post could be expanded. Search for Lessons and Articles might explain the heading more.
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