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I’m sad

Need to see the whole photo

can't see the whole photo. I can only see eyes and nose.
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  • I assume you are talking about one of your portrait photos. If you can go to the photo where the portrait is taken from, you can resnap the portrait.

    On the photo view page, there is a "People in this Photo" list. Click on the name of the person you want to retake the portrait. You will see some menu options slide out from the tag name. Click "Edit Tag."

    This puts the tag in edit mode and you can resize the circle by dragging the squares in the corners. You can move the circle by clicking inside the circle and dragging.

    Once you have the tagging circle sized and positioned as you want, click Save.

    When you save the new tag and position, if this is the photo that the portrait was made from, the portrait photo will change too.

    Wait a few seconds, and then refresh the page. You will see the new portrait in the "People in this Photo" list.
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