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Neighboring Son in Census Squeezes in as Spouse for Spotlight in Search Result

1910 Census (Arkansas) search result for Harriet C. ROBERTSON b. abt. 1848 Alabama gives Harriet's spouse as Jasper L. ROBERTSON. Jasper is the son of Harriet and is shown living in the household next door, as seen in my print out of the census page. Harriet's actual spouse is Isaac S. ROBERTSON, given as head of household, with Harriet as his wife, on the printed census page.
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    I agree that the census' are very interesting. These are federal government records and the year being 1910 we are lucky to have what we have. Just make sure your personal records are correct and notes (explanations) made in your records for the census as the source for your information. I do not think that an option will be available to correct federal records. Lets hope they will at some date. Have a great day.
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