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I’m concerned.

New Feature on Home/Landing page added to "Recommended Tasks" being 'Selection Bar' of "All / Records / Temple" DOES NOT appear with MS Edge

The New Feature, on the "Home" / "Landing" page / screen, added to "Recommended Tasks", being the 'Selection Bar' of "All / Records / Temple", DOES NOT appear, using the Browser of "Microsoft" 'Edge' with Windows 10.

The aforementioned feature DOES appear using "Chrome" with Windows 10.

I was not certain whether the aforementioned situation was by, design; or, a fault / flaw; or, simply that the feature had not been yet been able to be implemented using the "Microsoft" 'Edge' browser due to the complexities associated with that Browser.

i do not use any other browsers, so I am not aware if there is a similar situation with the myriad of other browsers that are available.

Submitted for your attention and consideration.
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