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New location and format for the Sources feature in Individual records

I see that you have given us a new format for viewing the Sources for an individual. May I say that I do not like the change when making corrections because it makes too distant a separation from the individual's vital information section in their personal record. One of the important things that we have had to do is to edit a person's vital information using details from sources when we know that they are correct. Being able to scroll up and down the page from the record source to the Vital record and do the editing was simple [particularly cutting and pasting when appropriate] and contributed to accuracy. Now I would have to change from the Vital record screen to the Sources screen and this seems to me be a less convenient way to do edit. Correcting the records is an important issue. Could you please explain why you feel that the change you have made would be more useful than the previous way we saw the Sources? I am sure that you have a strong reason. Is it as important as the one that I feel was more helpful? Thank you, UnaJean Peterson
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  • I agree that putting the sources on a separate pane is a Bad Move. Among its many undesirable consequences is that it makes it virtually impossible to figure out the sources for items under Other Information, unless you have two screens or one ginormous one on which to pull up two copies of the person's profile.

    Also, the point of segregating "collaboration" like this eludes me. All this move will do is make even more people re-purpose the Life Sketch -- which is inexplicably still front and center -- into an Important Alerts section.

    Third: when I last checked the Beta site, the name and picture section at the top of the page stayed there even if you scrolled down. The fact that it now goes away the moment you try to look at anything is a Very Bad Thing.
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