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New FamilySearch app for iPad and iPhone

Having an app that would allow you add new family members to your pedigree and edit their information. Being able to download your family tree to your device and use it on the go without internet connection. Then having it sync back up to my main tree on new.familyseach. Also allowing to search FamilySearch in that app without having to leave it. The app is a great example for an app that allows you to manipulate your tree. It would also be nice to be able to add pictures as the icon of that person.

It would be nice to be able to use this app for indexing. So when I am on the bus or car I can be able to index.
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  • lb (Official Rep) December 24, 2011 05:40
    This is a really great idea. It surely will be the future of using all FamilySearch programs. The fortunate thing is that you posted it here, where the engineers come to search for ideas to be implemented into the programs.
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  • lb (Official Rep) December 24, 2011 15:25
    I have become aware of some specific information published by FamilySearch regarding your suggestion. Here it is FYI:

    "I am an iPhone & iPad user as well, as are most of our team. For expediency we used the Flash image player from RecordSearch [the pre-cursor to Historical Records], but we recognize the limiting nature of this technology. We have been prototyping a replacement built in HTML. It looks great and runs well on iOS but it is not quite ready to implement on the site. Look for this in coming months."

    - Robert Kehrer

    29 June 2011
    FamilySearch is aware of the demand to make the indexing program available on the iPad, iPhone, book readers, and various other media. Nothing is currently in development; individuals who would like to index can continue to do so on their computers.

    A couple of "work arounds" are available for individuals who would like to try to index on iPad or Android. Neither option is supported by FamilySearch in terms of our being able to assist patrons who have problems, however we have no objection to indexers using the programs. Potential users can contact the creator of the software or the websites listed to find out if their device is supported.

    For iPad: - Click Learn More from the "GoToMyPC for iPad" button near the top center of the window.

    For Android:

    NOTE: Using the above websites might result in fees or charges. Individuals who are interested in either option can contact their provider to find out about any costs, data plans, etc.

    Additionally, individuals with internet access and a data plan on their cell phone can also use the browser and go to for free access.
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