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Not able to use Mobile phone verification in some countries

We need to let people know that they cannot use their mobile phone for account verification in countries outside Us and Canada. The program needs to recognize the non compliant countries.
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  • Sharon

    I take from your post that you talking about not being able to use ( ie. access ) the "Mobile App" for "Family Tree".

    Firstly, I am from "Down Under"; and, certainly, not the "North American" continent.

    Secondly, we recently spent quite some time travelling around the World.

    Thirdly, it not just the "Mobile App" for "Family Tree" that CANNOT be accessed in certain Countries around the World, it is also the normal "Family Tree" programme, on a Computer, Lap Top, Tablet, etc.

    We have no problems accessing "Family Tree" ( either, the Programme; or, the "Mobile App" ) here "Down Under"; and, we did not have any trouble accessing "Family Tree" ( either, the Programme; or, the "Mobile App" ) while travelling around the World in, the United States; or, Canada; or, in most of South America; or, in the United Kingdom; or, in many Countries in Europe; but, we could NOT access "Family Tree" ( either, the Programme; or, the "Mobile App" ) in certain Countries in, the Middle East; and, Asia. Whereas, in most of those Countries where we could not access "Family Tree" ( either, the Programme; or, the "Mobile App" ), we could still access most of the other functions of "FamilySearch".

    We tried searching in the "Help" of "FamilySearch" to find a list of Countries where we would not be able to access "Family Tree"; but, that was of no help!

    We did, contact 'Support'; and, raised a Case; and, requested a list of Countries where we would not be able to access "Family Tree" ( either, the Programme; or, the "Mobile App" ); but, that list was never forthcoming ( ie. we never received any list ).

    There are Countries around the World were the use on "Family Tree" ( either, the Programme; or, the "Mobile App" ) is NOT permissible, for whatever reason.

    I totally agree that there should be a ( "FamilySearch" ) "Knowledge Article" with a definitive and up-to-date "List" of Countries around the World where the USE of "Family Tree" ( either, the Programme; or, the "Mobile App" ) is NOT permissible; and, it would be appreciated if the reason as to why its use is not permissible for each of those countries was included. But, there is the possibility, that such a "List" and / or the "Reasons", would NOT be "Politically" appropriate; and, therefore, not readily available.

    It will be interesting to see if an "Official 'FamilySearch' Representative" joins in on this post.


    ps: I did a quick search in this Forum and found the following post of 9 Months ago, that was never responded to.

    saudi arab
    why this website and application is not working in middle east i mean saudi arab?
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    • Interestingly, FamilySearch worked fine in China, while Ancestry did not. (The only part of FS that didn't work was the beta Places tool, probably because it gets its maps from Google.)
    • David

      That is interesting about Japan. Just read that "Rights and Use Information" ( ".../terms" ) about Japan ( effective date 3 Feb 2015 ). Cannot recall having any problems accessing "Family Tree" while in Japan! In fact, before travelling, had been helping a Japanese Missionary with their Family History research.


      'Yes', had no problems using "FamilySearch" in 'China'; whereas, "Google" was a different story.

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  • I was referring to using your mobile phone number to verify a newly set up FamilySearch account.

    The option is not available to some countries for example Australia and New Zealand. You have to use your email to verify your account, but there is no indication that you cannot verify using your mobile number.
    I think it would be a good idea to have FamilySearch indicate that the option is not available when you indicate where you live.

    The mobile app for Family Tree and Memories works just fine.

    Sorry I was not clearer in my first feedback post.
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    • Instead of using a mobile phone number for verifying a new account, have the patron use an email address instead. The system will send an email to the account with the code that is needed to validate the account. If they do not have an email system that they can open easily, then they should set up a free email address to temporarily use for this purpose.

      This avoids the problem with international calling on the part of FamilySearch, and also does not require a patron to have an expensive mobile phone account. In many countries, the income is insufficient for them to afford the high monthly fees associated with those kinds of mobile phone accounts.
    • Sharon

      The required input of the actual "Format" of the Mobile Phone number depends upon the actual requirement of the Country applicable ( ie. "Selected" ).

      As I have previously indicated, "Down Under" ( ie. Australia ) when you usually record ( or input ) the Mobile Phone number in such cases the requirement is drop ( ie. Not include / dispense with ) the leading "Zero" ( ie. 0 ) from the start of the Mobile Phone number.

      I am not aware of the particular requirement for the myriad of Countries available on the list for "FamilySearch"; but, those requirements are not hard to find.

      And, I would suggest that if a Country is available ( ie. listed ) in the selection for "FamilySearch"; then, there is no requirement to add ( ie. include ) the International Dialing Code access number, as that SHOULD ( I hope ) be pre-set; so that, the only requirement is to add ( ie. input ) the Mobile Phone number [ where in the case of "Down Under", is minus the leading "Zero" ( ie. 0 ) ].

      You would need to check and confirm the required input of the actual "Format" of the Mobile Phone number for each Country that you are Serving.



      As 'Tom' suggests, my personal preference would be to use "E-mail" for the "Verification Code", rather than a "Mobile Phone" number.

      Of course, if necessary, if the User / Patron did not have ready access to their e-mail account on their "Mobile Phone", you can always have the User's / Patron's e-mail account open in another "Tab" or "Window" on the Computer that you are Creating their new "Family Tree" account, where you can then quickly and easily access the "Verification Code".

      User / Patron requirements always dictate what is to be; but, in your capacity ( as a Missionary, helping the User / Patron ), you can certainly steer the User / Patron towards "E-mail" as the best preferred option. Regardless, it is still what the User / Patron wants that will prevail.

      Just some thoughts.

      "Good Luck".
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