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Note field to help indexers explain reasoning to reviewers.

A small note field as part of each record could be helpful to arbitrators or others reviewing our work. We could, (but would not be required to), note our thought processes that lead to a solution. As an example I was indexing Alexander O. Redentz. None of the "R" names in the list were even close. The lawyer and/or the Clerk made an exaggerated flourishing letter "R" for the start of the last name. and separated the "O" with a period as an initial. All of the writers clearly showed the "tz" ending. The groom Signed the name by connecting the "O" and the "r". When I used the "O" as the first letter and the "tz" as the last letter only one name came up Overholtz. I could just hear the poor man trying to explain the name was Alexander ----- Orderholz not Alexander O. anything. A quick check of that counties records revealed many Overhauls, OverHaus, Overall, and similar names.
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