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Old Catalog

I find the new catalog lacking in so many ways. Why not leave the old one up? I hate the fact that when you click on a film number you are taken to the order form and not to additional information about the film. And you expected us to make a decent source/citation? Please leave the old catalog online for our use.
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  • I also think this was a very helpful feature of the old catalog. However I think most useful information about the film is included on the main entry for it in the new catalog. If you want to find out what other items are on the film you can run a new catalog search for the film number and it will list all the items on the film. If I remember correctly, this was the kind of information that showed up when you clicked on the film number in the old catalog.

    I think all the info you should need to make a good citation appears at the top of the page for the entry for any film: author, title and publication info are all there where available for the item in question.
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