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Philadelphia PA Marriage License Index

Philadelphia, PA Marriage License Index
One of the first project undertaken by Family Search was to put online the Index to Philadelphia Marriage Licenses. It has disappeared. Can someone tell me why? Will it ever go back online?
Selma Neubauer
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  • Sheila (Company Admin) August 05, 2010 02:55
    Found this in the Collections

    Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Marriage Indexes, 1885-1951

    Marriage indexes are arranged by the names of brides and grooms with the year of the marriage and the license number. The surname of the spouse is shown in parentheses. Use the license numbers listed in this index to find copies of the marriage license records. Marriage license records for years 1885-1915 are available on microfilm at the Family History Library and Family History Centers. Marriage license records for years 1916-1951 are available at the City Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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