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Photos Help

A getting started video for FamilySearch Photos has been released and is available here:

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Getting Started articles which may help you get started using FamilySearch Photos:

FAQ: Where do I see my photos in FamilyTree? (

FAQ: Why am I tagging photos and linking to FamilyTree? What's the purpose? (

FAQ: Who can see my photos? How can I share photos with my family? (

FAQ: What criteria do the screeners use in approving photos? (

Getting Started: Upload a Photo (

Getting Started: Tagging People in Photos (

Getting Started: Linking a Tagged Person To FamilyTree (

Getting Started: Resizing, Repositioning, and Deleting Tags (

Getting Started: How to Tag Different People with the Same Name (

Getting Started: Changing A Portrait (