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Pilot-yes & Beta-no

I can only agree with the many comments in support and praise of the Pilot. For all and intents and purposes it is perfect and should be kept. Please forget the Beta.
  • Dear Magraz,

    Thank you so much for you comments about how much you like the Pilot program.

    Our engineers are working to incorporate the strengths of the Record Search search engine onto the beta site. Meanwhile, as this site is developing, here are a few pointers that might help.

    Start your search by, scrolling down to All Record Collections, below the search boxes on the home page. You will then be able to filter by area of the world, country, and collection as well as filter by years and types of records.

    We wish you great success with your search for your ancestors.
    • Sidney, using the All Record Collections filter is very time consuming. If one is doing a "basic" search and have entered a state/country, etc, could the search do the limiting to that state? It certainly would go a long way to smoothing the fretful waters if it were possible with the design. The advanced search must be able to do that as you are putting in those fields if known. If it can't then I think you all need to have a discussion about the feasibility of that level of functionality. I would be more than happy to kick some of this around if you need another head with many successful years of database and application design to meet user needs.

      Jinny Angelis

      Mequon Wisconsin
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