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Place Audits

Please add the ability to view and edit all the events occurring at a given place, a "place audit". One should be able to check, for example, all the births from Blue Earth County, MN from 1870 to 1930, and compare them against the original source records. Missing events and events that aren't recorded will become immediately obvious, and can be cataloged and indexed more readily. Impossible events, say before the place existed or before records were kept, will be easy to spot and correct. (Blue Earth county kept no records before 1870, though it was created in 1853, before Minnesota became a state in 1856.) Cemeteries are also places, so cemetery audits will appear much like what we see at, listing all the folks in a particular cemetery. We can then compare what we see there with what exists at Family Tree. What a blessing!

This provides a reason to require all events to become standard, and will clean up the database immensely. Place Audits existed in The Master Genealogist (TMG) over twenty years ago, so this is very do-able. Now that the huge problem of unmergable older records has finally been solved (thank you very much), I believe this is the next great bottleneck. Many thanks.
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