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I’m dissapointed that it is not built.

Please develop a windows 10 app with fin function. Thank you,Steve

The family search app for Google and Ios is great but I would love to have some of the features such as the find loaded to to windows 10.

Thank you,

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  • Welcome to the community support forum for FamilySearch. FamilySearch personnel read every discussion thread and may or may not respond as their time permits. We patrons, having various levels of knowledge and experience do our best to help each other with concerns, issues. and/or questions.

    Different teams work on the mobile apps (one for Android and one for Apple) and the web site, which is hardware and operating system independent. Each team has their own prioritized list of tasks to be completed.

    Windows 10 can use one or more different browsers, and as such, the web site goal is compatibility with as many as possible with the most popular supported browsers at the top of the list -- Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox are among the most widely used -- no matter what the operating system is behind it. There are no "Apps" for Microsoft's Windows on a computer, only the browsers.

    The web site is being reworked to use the latest technology (in a number of instances, the code is very old and was used in a previous web iteration of the site) for better performance. The rework includes the UI (User Interface -- what you see and how it works) but will take at least a year to complete.
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