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Please don't change the individual's detail page. Keep what works! Simple is best!

The new person page is so disappointing. I called thinking it was a technical glitch. You HAD such a simple page that read like a page from a book. The emphasis was on the individual's vitals, residences & custom events. So clear. The custom events were seen as one paragraph in itself, all coordinated by date. Now it appears that 'edit' & 'more' is the emphasis. The lettering is very small, I have to hit 'more' to see the entire note. Honestly, I find it so distracting and difficult to read. You had a beautiful detail page. There was absolutely no need to make any changes. This is NOT visually appealing and people will respond on that note. Please reconsider. Go back to your original style we've been working with for the past number of years, so easy to read as well as a delight to read in one view. In this case change is not better. Perhaps more input from people who read, use and contribute would be helpful. PLEASE RECONSIDER!
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