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Please Explain and Fix Forwarded Forum Feedback From FamilySearch

This forum appears to be getting more and more posts (6 of 10 posts this AM) from the FamilySearch "Feedback" prompt (shown by a recent 'joining' date and first post).

I believe this feedback 'redirection' is probably a good idea and, hopefully, the many responses have been helpful in increasing understanding. But this whole feedback connection still seems to be a bit of an operational mystery, another of those things that simply showed up.
The only attempted explanation in this forum seems to be here:

An explanation from the 'decision makers' would be helpful.

I think some of those who post FS feedback would be surprised to find their comment was sent to the 18,000 people of this forum. There seems to be a dearth of responses from most of these first time posts.

A few suggestions to make this feedback a bit more usable:

  • Somehow provide a link to the page from which the feedback was made.

  • Note that the post is from FS feedback and not a direct entry, if possible - in addition to "Idea" and "Praise," how about "Feedback."

  • Explain more clearly in the FS Feedback prompt what is happening and suggest points for feedback submission. (See David Lynn Penrod's explanatory comment last year, in the link above)
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    I suspect you are well aware of what I am about to enter, but that's okay. It is more for others who are not familiar with how the forum's settings are set up or work.

    Well, some of the patrons want to get to FamilySearch personnel and end up here. Do their comments get sent to the some 18K people? Only if the person's settings are set to receive all new threads.

    To get to the settings, a patron (of this forum) has to first open their profile by clicking on their name. That opens to the patron's dashboard.

    Next, they click on Edit Profile. That opens "Profile Information."

    Next the click on e-mail and notifications.

    There are three areas that impact all new threads. The first is the area where the patron has his email address and what is sent to it:

    The second has to do with community feeds -- the RSS duplicates the last section:

    The last section deals with RSS feeds, which I have never used. It appears that a patron can get new topic notification under several different options. I do not know what is set as the default, so maybe someone else can provide that information.

    Anyway, my experience was that FS switch to this web site to free up at least one or more persons who were tasked with monitoring and administrating new accounts, posts, new discussions, and so on. Some of the threads got very, very long, such as the thread(s) that dealt with somehow correcting the errors seen in the indexes. This was around a decade or so ago.

    I suspect that with limited resources, it was decided that a separate software site would be more efficient and not require as much moderating and maintenance. FamilySearch personnel would not have to dedicate their time to responding to concerns, issues, and bugs and get on with their regular duties.

    Joe Martel, a somewhat regular contributor to this site is wonderful in that he attempts to provide a lot of the same kind of feedback that we community patrons provide. Sometimes, it isn't appreciated, largely because it doesn't deal with what is going on with the site, only how to work around a particular problem, like the lack of options for the couple relationship area. He gets beat up for some of those responses, including from me, but thankfully, he doesn't take them too personally. He has the patience of Job without all the baggage that Job carried with him. In many cases, his response is appreciated.

    The other significant contributor is Ron Tanner, who is deeply involved with FamilySearch and is able to tell us whether or not certain aspects (such as reports) are "authorized" or not, and give us some idea when something is being considered. In some areas, the silence is frustrating, and the only thing that I conclude is that either this is going to involve a lot of work, or that the plans haven't been finalized for what is going to be attempted.

    Now, as to this forum, I think its main purpose is to let up patrons help each other without a lot of time being dedicated by FS personnel who have a lot to do.

    Hopefully, one of those FS persons will either confirm or deny my suppositions.
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