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Preliminary message to a Long Suggestion

I have a three page suggestion that is well thought out, but I don't know that it will fit in your feed back box.
I will attempt to paste it next, if it doesn't work, is there an address to send it to?

Thanks, John Evans 916-539-4912
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this idea
  • It worked. See my response on how to work with an open-edit collaborative tree like FamilySearch FamilyTree. It really does work, but to maintain an accurate tree, it takes work. There is no easy answer when we have newbies and folks who have very little knowledge on how to do things on this site.

    It doesn't help that there is not a clear beginner's program that can teach the correct principles. There are some excellent beginner's lessons in the FamilySearch Wiki that will help.

    In the meantime, concentrate on a few members of your family at a time. If you have a lot of LDS ancestry, you'll run into a lot of problems. I don't have any LDS ancestry, though there are other converts who are descendants. As a result, tracking down problems and helping others understand the issues is, for me, relatively easy.
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